Once the project is completed, and the entire gaming system is set up, 15 year-old Jamal hears about free cool games, from a school guidance counselor, and decides to check it out. He goes into the library and asks the librarian who immediately sends him up to the 3rd floor. Before reaching the third floor, Jamal was expecting to see couches, a Playstation, Xbox, maybe a Wii, but what he finds shocks him. He sees 6 “cells” with people wearing headsets in VR suits walking around and moving their arms in all different directions, moving their avatars in the fake world. He asks the staff what’s going on who explains that each of them is playing a different person in a different world. The staff explains the different available worlds and Jamal chooses the Hunger games.

  • Staff then helps Jamal put on the headset and suit and gives him instructions.
  • Jamal puts on the Headgear and body suit and using his connected hands turns on the system and selects the Hunger Games.
  • He then goes through an automatic test where the game asks Jamal to move around to calibrate the system to his movements.
  • Jamal plays for many hours until his mom texts him that it’s late and he has to come home.
  • As he leaves, the staff asked him what he thought. Jamal smiled and said: “I’ll definitely be back.”

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