1. A New AR Invasion: Pokémon Go!, Center For the Future Of Museums, July 2016- Before I got to VR I was thinking maybe Augmented Reality could somehow be implemented, but I quickly discounted this idea because it usually distracts the user and like Pokémon Go can be downloaded outside the Library and played anywhere. http://futureofmuseums.blogspot.com/search/label/Gaming
  2. Herminia Din and William B. Crow, Museums Unfixed in Place and Time, American Alliance of Museums August 2009- As I was reading this article I started thinking about how virtual reality could be used in the public forum. After reading over this assignment I realized that this idea would be perfect and went back to the article for ideas. https://lms.pratt.edu/pluginfile.php/661084/mod_resource/content/1/Museums%20Unfixed%20article.pdf
  1. The Louvre Museum Virtual Reality App Through the You Visit website- The Louvre Museums has an online VR component that allows user to walk around the Louvre from your bedroom. This idea formed the bedrock of my idea offering the possibility of the mind being in one area and the mind in a completely different world. http://www.youvisit.com/tour/louvremuseum
  1. Jonathan Shieber, Museum Collections Enter VR With The Launch Of The Woofbert VR App For Samsung Gear, Tech Crunch, November 2015- Once I established that is was possible to transport the mind away from the body, so to speak, I decided to see if there was a technology out there that allowed for multiple places at once. The Woofbert App allows users to go through multiple art collections from different museums through the same app. https://techcrunch.com/2015/11/17/museum-collections-enter-vr-with-the-launch-of-the-woofbert-vr-app-for-samsung-gear/
  1. The Oculus Company Website-Once the idea was down I started looking at possible existing hardware. One existing company called Oculus uses a VR headwear with finger controls. While it is not a full body suit it does use some body motions. https://www.oculus.com/
  1. Low-latency Inertial Motion Capture Suits and Sensors, Yost Labs-Looking further I found a company that offers sensitive motion sensors that would be very useful for this project. The company called Yost Labs uses a 3-space sensor to make sure that it catches all movements. https://yostlabs.com/3-space-sensors/
  2. Jonathan Nafarrete, Visualize Built a Full-Body Virtual Reality ‘Cell’ to Play In, V R Scout, October 2015- I finally stumbled onto a pre-existing idea that fully imported everything I wanted for my project and bundled it all under the name of a cell. http://vrscout.com/projects/visualise-full-body-virtual-reality



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