This article transcribes a conversation with two professional digital photography archivists – Tracey Schuster and Anne Blecksmith – about how they got into the field, how they see the field evolving and where the future of the photo archive is. This is worth the read for anyone wanting to go into the archival field because these are some things that are necessary to know- why archiving is necessary, the basics of scanning and archiving, and where they believe the field is heading. As students studying archives and their uses, we need to pay attention to the effects that comes from archiving. While we are on one side preserving a digital copy of the object, on the other hand we are subjecting the object to our own personal views and biases with our digital interpretation, i.e. digital manipulation. This effect, the professionals say, can even occur unintentionally, and while it cannot be prevented we now have a better understanding  of what is occurring.



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